Camping mats Accessories YATE Waterproof Sack/ Pump for Self-Inflating Mat YATE

YATE Waterproof Sack/ Pump for Self-Inflating Mat YATE

Manufacturer YATE
Product code M02104
Warranty 2 years
Availability In stock
Pieces in stock 1
Common price € 15
Price € 14
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Waterproof cover which can also be used as a pump. It has a special valve on the bottom, which can be attached to the mat and then this cover turns into hand pump. The air is pressed into the mat by rolling this cover.This is useful especially in cold, where the wet air from lungs can cause the mat to burst. This way of inflating increases insulation and prolong lifespan of the mat.

The pump is suitable for all models of self-inflatable and inflatable mats, exepct for the models which are impossible to fold in half, as well as Caliman, Lectus, Scout and Azur models.



length60 cm
Weight: 75 g
Size: Ø16x60 cm
Size of the package: 2 x 20 cm


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